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Our Services

Strategic Tax & Accounting is a tax oriented firm that has over 20 years in tax preparation experience serving Individuals, Business Professionals, Consultants, Sole-proprietors and Small Businesses.

Strategic Tax & Accounting prepares tax returns for the following taxable entities:

Individuals - 1040 and all schedules
S-Corporations – 1120S return
C-Corporations - 1120 return
Partnerships - 1065 return
Sole Proprietors - Schedule C 1040 return
Estates and Trusts
Non-profit Organizations

Strategic Tax & Accounting also provides year round tax advice on topics including aspects of Entity formation, Tax Forecasting, Estate and Trust tax implications, Business Property Transactions, Real Estate Exchanges, Financial Statement Analysis, Regulatory Requirements, Alternative Minimum Tax, Passive Activities, Flow Through Entities, Stock Option Exercises, Rental Properties, Capital Gains, Offers in Compromise, IRS Problem Resolution, Liquidations and Reorganizations. Call us with your question.

Strategic Tax & Accounting's write-up practice is a necessity for any small business. We provide you with up-to-date and accurate financial reports so you can make the best financial decisions.

Our process:

1. You supply us with your bank statements, credit card statements, and check register.

2. Strategic Tax and Accounting properly codes all transactions to insure compliance with applicable accounting standards.

3. Bank statements and Credit Card statements are all reconciled for complete and accurate records.

4. Financial Statements, including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows can then be prepared at any time.

5. Year-End adjustments are made to comply with applicable tax laws and IRS regulations.

Our Payroll Service is state of the art. We are web integrated and are able to provide you with complete, affordable, timely and accurate payroll. We insure the timely filing of all payroll tax returns and avoid costly and cumbersome IRS penalties. A must for any small business owner. 

Strategic Tax & Accounting provides Audit, Review, and Compilation services for small and medium sized businesses.

• Incorporation

• LLC Formation

• Business Start-Up

• IRS Problem Resolution


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