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Strategic Tax & Accounting 3650 Canton Road               Marietta, GA  30066       Phone: 678-852-8781
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              Fast, Accurate, and Affordable: Guaranteed!!!
  Strategic Tax & Accounting offers high quality Tax, Write-Up and Payroll services to individuals and business owners. This invaluable service allows the working professional to concentrate on his/her career without the worry of keeping in compliance with the never-ending and complex IRS regulations and filings.

ACCOUNTING SERVICES:  If you find that having up-to-date, clean books is something that rarely happens in your business, or, if your expensive bookkeeper is not fully utilized, you may be a candidate for our outsourcing services. We offer a complete accounting management system with very little involvement by you, the owner, and quite possibly less costly than your current accounting services.


TAXES:  We will help you avoid costly IRS penalties and implement tax strategies that save you tax dollars. With our help, you will save time and money.


   With Over 30 Years Experience, We Are The Tax Experts!         Call Now for a Free Consultation and start saving tax dollars today!


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