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Strategic Tax & Accounting's write-up practice is a necessity for any small business.  We provide you with up-to-date and accurate financial reports so you can make the best financial decisions. 

    Here’s how our process works:
1 You supply us with your bank statements, credit card statements, and check register each month.
2 Strategic Tax and Accounting properly codes all transactions to insure compliance with applicable accounting standards.
3 Bank statements and Credit Card statements are all reconciled for complete and accurate records
4 Financial Statements, including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows can then be prepared at any time upon client request.
5 Year-End adjustments are made to comply with applicable tax laws and IRS regulations.
6 Since we have all your business information by year-end, Tax Returns are done quickly and accurately.
This service allows you to do Financial Statement Analysis and Tax Forecasting.  A must for any small business.